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Move Well has researched the market to bring a range of musculoskeletal products, which will help to alleviate your symptoms and optimize your recovery. From braces to hot packs, orthotics to joint supplements, Move Well physiotherapists are equipped with the knowledge to ensure that you choose the right product for your injury. List of Products […]

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Vertigo (dizziness)

Dizziness is often caused by illnesses that affect the inner ear, including benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), migraine and inflammation of the inner ear balance apparatus (called vestibular neuritis). Dizziness may also be caused by low blood pressure, some heart problems (such as cardiac arrhythmias), anxiety disorders such as panic attacks or (uncommonly) by hypoglycaemia […]

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Women’s Health

Move Well has a number of Physiotherapists experienced in the treatment of health issues specifically related to women. You may see your Move Well Physiotherapist for treatment of incontinence and other pelvic floor issues, pre and post natal exercise prescription, post menopausal health and prevention of osteoporosis, and treatment of acute conditions such as mastitis. […]

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Real-time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUI)

Real-time ultrasound imaging (RTUI) is well known for looking at babies in utero and injured tendons around the shoulder. Physiotherapists also use RTUI to assess and retrain the deep muscles of the body that cannot be easily palpated during exercise. Seeing is believing! Sometimes it is hard to get the right muscle contracting in the […]

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